Self Directed Learning

money-ebook-1There is more to retirement planning to consider than just finances

How ready are you to retire?

It is quite normal to become so completely defined by “what you do” in your career that the idea of retiring is at best unappealing, and in extreme cases down right scary.

The Olderhood Group provides a state-of-the-art online assessment and self-study webinars to help individuals make a retirement life plan that takes into account six aspects of life including:

  • career & work
  • health & wellness
  • finances
  • family and relationships
  • leisure & social 
  • personal development.

The resulting diagnostic report is written in plain English and provides a snapshot of both areas where you excel and areas where further planning might be in order.

The companion webinars break this learning down into eighteen sub-dimensions and help you get to the heart of both how you make decisions, and what sort of life you want for yourself, so that you can make a realistic plan that leads to a life that you will actually enjoy.

Retirement Readiness Assessment

Our Program consists of an online Retirement Readiness Assessment that was developed by Dr. Richard Johnson, PhD, who is the Former President of the American Association of Adult Development and a thought-leader in the field of retirement-life planning.

The Assessment Tool has been existence for more than 20 years and its effectiveness is well documented. The client’s responses are correlated to the extensive database of the Johnson Program to rank each client in a peer comparison review, to allow the client to gauge his/her readiness for retirement.

Interactive Webinar Learning Series

The Olderhood Group has now further developed Dr. Johnson’s program by pairing this unique tool with 7 interactive Self-study Webinars to allow participants to learn at their own pace.

The webinars combine slide presentations, audio overlays, exercises and a follow-along work-books to provide a comprehensive learning experience.

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