Individual Coaching

image 2 greyOur private coaching package has been developed based upon client demand to provide confidential consultation as part of an executive retirement package. Typically, the Executive program is sponsored by the employer and provided in a discreet environment. It is also available to anyone who wants to focus on a particular retirement project or initiative.

sample discussion topics
  • Why do I need a retirement lifestyle plan?
  • How is retirement life different from my daily life now?
  • My job is my life – how will I ever feel useful again?
  • Would volunteering be a good option for me?
  • How can I transition into a second career?
  • What is the difference between a life of leisure and a life of work?
  • Where on earth am I going to live?
  • What do I do if my spouse and I have different ideas of how to spend our retirement?

Please contact us to learn how to provide this program to your executive team.